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Thanks for choosing Roli Poli Ice Cream Co. for your upcoming event!  

Whether it’s a party, fundraiser, wedding, engagement, bridal shower, baby shower, corporate function, community engagement, or another special day, we have a variety of options to suit the size and scope of your event.


Want to have some serious FUN at your next event or party??  Roll your own ice cream for your guests.  We rent our machines and the necessary equipment for you to be a big time "roller".

We provide you with:


  • 8 litres of liquid ice cream

  • Two (2) flavours from our rolled ice cream menu

  • ice cream toppings 

  • cups and spoons

  • waffle cones by request

  • and of course the ice cream machine and equipment


Hosting and catering an event yourself? Our ice cream pints we sell in our shop might not be enough for you and your group. For larger events, we have two (2) tub sizes available for order:

  • 5.6L (approx. 30 single scoops) – $65

  • 11.4L (approx. 60 single scoops) -$120

When you order up your self scoop ice cream, we can also provide you with:

  • Waffle cones or cup/spoon combos – $0.50 each

  • Ice cream toppings - $.50-$1.50 per package of toppings.

  • Roll Poli Ice Cream Co. Coolers hold up to two 11.4L tubs (includes a cold plate and two metal scoops) – $25 per day

We ask for a minimum of one (1)  week notice on all self-roll or self-scoop orders and recommend flavours that will satisfy your group such as our Strawberry Shorti, Cookie Smash Up, Mini D's, Mint To Be, and Monkey Biz.  But you can pick any flavour from our flavour menu as long as it's not seasonal!  Egg Nog Cheesecake in June might be a tad odd.  Just saying'.

Remember ice cream does melt and it will need to be in the freezer 20 - 25 mins from the time you pick it up from our shop.  If it is out of any freezer longer than the time posted, we cannot guarantee the quality as it may be compromised.  


We have a variety of options for the Roli Poli Ice Cream Co's Team to come and scoop or roll at your gathering, event, or party.

Ice Cream Bar or Stand – starting at $350 

We’ll serve rolled or scooped ice cream in our delicious waffle cones to your guests out of our ice cream stand or branded coolers (dependent on size of event & restrictions of venue).

Roll and Scoop Truck – starting at $750

Our Ice Cream truck is perfect for all outdoor events.

*Travel restrictions may apply.   

Each of the price points quoted will include:

  • 50 - 100 single scoops of ice cream

  • Two (2)  flavours (subject to availability)

  • Waffle cones and cups/spoons

  • Up to two (2) amazing Roli Poli Ice Cream Co. staff for a two (2) or three (3) hour period

  • Setup and travel costs (premium charges may apply for extended travel)

We ask for a minimum of two (2) weeks notice on all event team bookings. Bookings are subject to the availability of our Events Team.  

Connect with us and we can start planning.  


We look forward to working with you soon!

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