We just love ice cream!

We are a local ice cream shop that opened our doors May 2017 as London, Ontario's first rolled ice cream shop and quickly became a success.  We realized that our creativity wasn't going to stop there and since have expanded our vision and our product line to include our small batch, hand crated, hard ice cream. ​ Vegan or dairy free lovers need not to worry.  We've got you covered.  We also offer our rolled ice cream and hard scooped ice cream in Vegan and dairy free.  Stop by our shop and say hello, and while you're there, grab a roll or a scoop.  You'll be so happy you did! 



It's what's on the inside that counts

Our production facility is small and quaint and we use ladders to reach our top shelves but that doesn't stop us.  We pump out gallons upon gallons of incredible ice cream that is made fresh daily and pour them into pints, litres, ice cream pies, ice cream cupcakes, tubs for scooping, or jugs for rolling.  Making everything batch by batch allows us to be playful with flavors and textures.  It allows us to stubble upon out of this world flavors or flavors that never make it past the cutting room floor....or should we say ice cream production floor?!   Our love of ice cream, passion, and creativity, knows no bounds and it is the main reason we have chosen to align ourselves with the best local farms, suppliers, and talent. Staying true to this path gives us the ability to produce the best ice cream possible on planet Earth.  Or a close second! :) We can't wait for you to give us a try!